Dreamz Xtravaganza organizes many events for student organizations in Germany, India and Singapore. As the organization name we aim to provide more than the participants dream experience. We have got event Berlinfusion, Oktoberfest, Holi fest, Infusion and Summer fest etc. Our team of guides is trained to show you the best time possible.

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Berlinfusion provides the participants to experience Berlin as a Berliner. It is a two days event providing several activities from historic visits to touristic area visits to real Berlin world. It provides an experience of Berlinfusion fest with range of Electro and Techno music from Berlin and across the world, making it a life time experience. The trained team will show you the best time possible. “See Berlin as a Berliner”

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Holi Festival

Holi is a cultural festival across India. In some region its celebrated as New Year or Start of a new life. It starts with burning one of the old cloth in the Holi fire and welcoming the new life with colors and spreading colors in other people life. A one day fest of color bring the experience from India to across the world.

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The world know Oktoberfest as a biggest beer fest but its also a Bavarian Cultural event. We offer an opportunity to experience this cultural event including the culture of Munich and its night life. The trained team will show you the best time possible across Munich and during the event.

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